1. A Complete Review on Vape Pens

    A Complete Review on Vape Pens

    Whether you’re looking to quit smoking or are wanting to try vaping for the first time, many experienced vapers recommend beginning with a starter kit.

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  2. Vape Tanks - A Beginner’s Guide

    Vape Tanks - A Beginner’s Guide

    Vape tanks are absolutely essential when it comes to e-cigarettes or vape mods. Here at The Vape Guru, we want to provide the low-down on vape tanks so you have all the information to meet your vaping needs.

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  3. The Significant Differences Between Vape Tanks and Vape Coils

    The Significant Differences Between Vape Tanks and Vape Coils

    After you have been vaping awhile, you might be ready to upgrade from a starter e-cigarette kit and to a more customisable vape mod.

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  4. Aspire Cleito Tank Review

    Aspire say the Cleito Tank has broad flavour, tempestuous airflow, vast vapour and incredibly simple and easy to use? Let’s see if it lives up to the claims.

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  5. An Introduction to Temperature Control Vaping

    Looking for the next step to better vaping experience? Annoyed with dry hits and burning the wick in your coil? Is the vape too hot for you sometimes? All these can be easily resolved with Temperature Controlled Vaping. In this article we will briefly look in to Temperature Control Vaping...what it is, the advantages and what you need to improve your vaping experience.

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  6. Introduction to E-Cigarettes

    Thinking of moving from smoking to e-cigarettes but are lost then don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. This article begins with the basics to give you the confidence to pick what is the best e-cigarette device for you.

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  7. Making sense of the Common Types of Coils

    It is easy to get confused about which coils to buy if you are new to vaping and easy to see why with terms like BVC, dual coils, Clapton coils flying around. Let’s together clarify the picture about coils!

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